VoiceByte Help Centre


  • How do I record a VoiceByte?

    To record a VoiceByte press the microphone icon in the record screen. As soon as you hit the button you’re recording! You can record for 15 seconds.
    You then add a clip title and a photo if you want and choose your sharing option. If no sharing option is selected, the broadcast will be sent to the VoiceByte broadcast feed only.

  • How do I reply to a VoiceByte?

    To reply to a VoiceByte in the broadcast tab or VoiceBox press the reply icon to the right of the player.
    The reply recorder will appear and you can record your reply. Replies are 5 seconds long.

  • How do I delete a VoiceByte?

    In the play screen, select the garbage bin icon in the top right hand corner.


  • What is VoiceTagging?

    A VoiceTag allows you to tag a VoiceByte to your current location. The VoiceTag can only be accessed within a specified time and range of that location.

  • How do i record a VoiceTag?

    To record a VoiceTag, press the target icon in the record screen. The app will get your current location and then you can choose how big a range you want for your VoiceTag and how long before your VoiceTag expires. You also have the option to allow replies.

    Once you are happy with your VoiceTag settings, add a clip title, attach a photo or a link if you wish, record your 15 second VoiceByte, then slide to broadcast.

  • What would i use VoiceTagging for?

    There are many uses for VoiceTagging. It can be used for tourist attractions, giving your clients directions to find your office, letting people in a certain area know where the best cafe is, promoting your store to nearby customers and lots more.

Private VoiceBytes

  • How do I send a private VoiceByte?

    In the share options of the record screen, select the person icon on the right of the screen (the share icon on the far right).
    You will then be shown a list of users you can select to send private VoiceBytes to.
    To send private VoiceBytes, each user must be listening to each other.
    All private VoiceBytes can be accessed in the VoiceBox tab.

  • What happens if I delete a private VoiceByte that I’ve sent?

    If you delete a private VoiceByte that you’ve sent, it will be removed from every person’s device and will no longer be available to listen to.

My Profile

  • How do I edit my profile?

    Go to the profile screen and select the edit icon. Here you can change your profile picture and add some more information about yourself.
    Once you have made your changes press save and your profile will be updated.

Searching for people

  • How do I search for friends or broadcasters?

    To search for friends, press the search icon in the right corner of the top navigation bar.
    You will have a number of options with your search:

    • 1. You can search for users within VoiceByte
    • 2. You can search to see which of your Facebook friends are on VoiceByte.
    • 3. You can search to see which of your Twitter followers are on VoiceByte.
    • 4. You will see a list of featured users who are worth listening to.

Tips for recording VoiceBytes

  • Use great clip titles

    Clip titles let your listeners know there is VoiceByte content that is interesting and worth listening to. A great clip title will have enough information in it to let your listeners know what the broadcast is about. Using words like “Listen”, “Hear” and “Talk” in your clip title is a great way to alert your listeners that there is content that must be heard, not read. Also, the use of #tags and Twitter handles will help you reach a bigger audience.

  • Capture interesting content

    There are lots of occasions to capture great VoiceByte audio content. Sporting events, concerts, tourist attractions and parties are just some of the places to broadcast great moments to friends and family.

  • Share information

    Social media is driven by people wanting to share and consume information. If you are an expert in a chosen field, sharing tips using VoiceByte is a great way of making an impact across all the social networks.

  • Add a photo

    Attaching a photo to your VoiceByte adds another dimension to photo sharing as you can talk about who is in the photo and capture the atmosphere. Use the #tag #audiophoto in your clip title which will let your listeners know you’re sharing a photo that has sound.